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Wood and Words Blooms

Unique, beautiful, personal and eco-friendly? Your wedding bouquet can be all this and more with Wood & Word Blooms. Owner, Jennifer Angle, a teacher in an environmentally focused school, has created her business out of her love for crafts and kindness to our planet.

While planning her own wedding, Jennifer was drawn to the beautiful sola wood flowers she kept finding online. She decided to buy them herself, dye them and combine them with other flowers made from paper. She even started a club at school to teach her students how to make paper flowers and other crafts.

When her wedding arrived, she created delicate and life-like centerpieces – porcelain tea cups with paper flowers nestled inside. They were a huge hit and a photographer friend of hers (Simply K Studios) encouraged to her to make more in time for the holiday season. Jennifer got right to work on bouquets for Christmas décor!

Jennifer loves working with the sola plant because since it’s actually a weed it has its own inherit sustainability. Harvesting these plants will never hurt the planet and the bouquets she makes with them will last forever. Using these plants means no two flowers will look alike and since the plant has no smell they are also naturally hypoallergenic. They can be scented with essential oils to your liking.

For the paper flowers, Jennifer gets to know her bride to create that personal touch. She has made flowers out of comic book pages, animation artwork, camouflage patterns – even love letters!

There’s zero limitations to what we can make!” says Jennifer. She’s just happy to “create something that's really unique” and she loves when a client touches the flowers for the first time. They can’t believe that even though they are not real, they still feel velvety soft.

Always the teacher, Jennifer also hosts craft classes where you, too, can learn how to make paper flowers. Check out her web site for classes ranging from mason jar arrangements, floral covered letters, wreaths and more!

Did you love your bouquet, but it was made from real flowers and didn’t last? Jennifer can re-create that bouquet from a picture reference. What an amazing anniversary gift that would make!! Follow Jennifer and Wood & Word Blooms online and contact her today for more info on your bridal bouquet! @woodandwordblooms FB:

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