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For the love of stories


I grew up loving real cameras and photo albums. I’d arrange all my 4x6 prints in chronological order and build my shelf of memories, one photo book at a time. 

When I got married 15 years ago, recording video became part of capturing our family history. Now, as a busy mom of one awesome daughter and 2 crazy pups, preserving memories is more important than ever. Realizing our family story began on our wedding day, made me believe in the power of sharing a couple’s origin story in their ceremony.


I’ve said it a million times but this really is the best job I ever had!

Fun Facts: 

  • I was born in ’77 which makes me a Star Wars girl but Marvel has definitely won us over in recent years. 

  • I say hello to every dog I meet on the street.

  • My husband and I took ballroom dance lessons well
    before we were engaged. We still enjoy busting out our moves in the kitchen just to embarrass our daughter
    or annoy the dogs.

  • My favorite bands continue to be U2, Metallica and
    Pink Floyd and I am a HUGE stand up comedy fan.


I am a Justice of the Peace in the state of Connecticut. 

I am also a secular minister, ordained by American Marriage Ministries,

an IRS 501c3 certified Church that empowers individuals to

perform marriages. I chose this organization because
I deeply respect
 and agree with their major tenets; every couple has the right to marry regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

I support marriage equality for all and happily welcome couples in the LGBTQ community.

The benefit to having both qualifications is I can officiate in
other states, like New York and Rhode Island. I can officiate in
Massachusetts as a Justice of the Peace with a one
day permission certificate from the state.


Personally, I was raised Roman Catholic but consider myself more 
of a spiritual agnostic as an adult. In creating ceremonies, we'll include whatever level of spirituality suits you best, even none at all. I am comfortable with adding mentions of god, bible readings as well as rituals that suit your faith, culture or personality. 

Kathy and her family

Family Selfie

Kathy and husband, Matt

Matt and I on our wedding day, June 6th, 2008

Kathy officiates at Candlewood Inn in Brookfield CT

phot credit: Once Like A Spark

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