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Whitney's Escapes

I met Whitney Lee through the Women in Networking council as part of the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce. She is a light bulb of energy and enthusiasm and her simply stated philosophy of “It’s not hard to be nice” easily explains how she’s managed to excel in her own travel agency business.

Whitney’s Escapes was born four years ago with the mission to help others create amazing travel experiences and life-long memories. An extremely hard worker, Whitney is there for her clients whenever they need her. Whether a last-minute trip or an unexpected issue, Whitney runs it all smoothly. To her, education is the key to organizing your travel. Be it a family vacation, destination wedding, or your honeymoon, Whitney manages all the details and removes the anxiety.

Whitney is also a certified Disney travel agent — which you will need especially, if you’re a first timer to the house of “the mouse”. Between your hotel, fast passes, dinner reservations, character meet and greets; your head is spinning like the tea cup ride before you’ve even started! You’ll be glad you have Whitney in your vacation corner to sort through the confusion, leaving you with nothing short of a magical time!

Beyond Disney, there are also tons of other amazing family friendly destinations to explore. At the time we spoke, I was in the midst of planning my own quick family getaway and Whitney recommended two great travel books for inspiration. Check out, 100 Places That Change a Child’s Lifeand New England’s Best Trips by Lonely Planet. Whitney herself has already discovered Maine, Utah and many of our National Parks with her own family and is looking forward to adding more checks to her bucket list.

“The world would be a better place if everyone was more cultural,” Whitney says "and the best way to do that is to exposure yourself to new places and people through travel."

When Whitney is not hard at work planning trips for her clients, she also works at her local library where she conducts cooking classes for young people. This culinary graduate from Johnson and Wales is definitely a multi-talented business woman.

Here are Whitney’s Top reason why you need a travel agent:

  • Travel agents know multiple properties and all the features of each one.

  • We get to know the managers at these properties, so we always have a point of contact.

  • We know the best places to go with children and also which places are better just for couples.

  • Our knowledge gets clients the best experience with the best bang for their buck.

  • We actually save you money. If you can find a better deal, we’ll match it.

  • We consider the travel budget and we'll assist in the creation of payment plans.

  • AND, If there’s ever a problem, we are always there to help!

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