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Jes and Skye

Married February 29th 2023


Jes and Skye started dating back in high school on February 29th. Once they decided to hace a wedding, they knew it would have to be on that date observing their unique anniversary. Here is the love story that was read at their ceremony — an intimate gathering for family at Jes's parent's home.


If asked, “What makes a good marriage?”, I’m sure any of us could list a few obvious qualities. Honesty, open communication, team work; these are all absolutely good and true words to describe it.

But “love” is a little harder to put into words. How do we know it when we’ve found it? It’s really different for everybody and we’re rarely prepared when it comes our way. Jes and Skye met at a young age but it didn’t take very long for them to know that they’d eventually end up here.

Starting as friends in a high school art class, they each recognized something unique about the other even if they couldn’t put it into words right away. Jes thought Skye was really cool and being a musician scored major points. To Skye, Jes was an intriguing mystery. Between the spelling of her name and her quiet demeanor he wondered if maybe she was a foreign exchange student.

On the first day of school he saw her hugging another guy. He felt a strange twinge of jealousy for a girl he didn’t even know yet, eventually followed by a wave of relief when he later learned the other guy was actually Jes’s cousin, Jimmy.

They finally had a first date after, what some might call, an aggressive amount of help from their friends. They had been hanging out in groups and chatting on Facebook a lot, but neither was making the move to ask the other out. The school cafeteria became the site of a very dramatic and totally awkward dating proposal.

The awkwardness continued later in art class when a particularly outspoken classmate needed to confirm if the two were now official. She shouted across the room: “Jes, are you Skye’s girlfriend?” to which Jes, yelled back “I don’t know!” 

But Skye was absolutely sure, answering with a resounding ”Yes!”

And so they have been together ever since!

As I got to know Jes and Skye, what stood out immediately was their passion for their common interests, specifically video games. The joy they find in the interesting story lines and mysterious languages that these games possess spurs in-depth conversations well after game time is over. During dinner, on long car rides or in sudden passing thoughts in the hallway, Jes and Skye never tire of discussing all the details.

Creativity has always been at the core of who they are as individuals and respecting each other’s artistic passions is what makes them work as a couple. It’s so important to Jes that Skye has the space and time he needs to make music. And Skye knows that sometimes, Jes needs to spread fabric and craft supplies out all over the table whenever she’s had her latest inspiration.

While there is time apart for their various projects, there is also lots of amazing conversations when they are together — and this is their greatest strength. They talk about absolutely everything and in their 12 years together have learned so much from each other. They credit their partner with teaching them increased patience, better compassion and how to see a problem from alternate points of view.

While they have so many qualities that make them perfect for each other, one specific moment in our conversation revealed the heart of their relationship. Jes was explaining a particular game to me which featured it’s own unique language and they had to translate it to solve the puzzle. She loves that they make such a good team and this was noted when she said:

“One person figures out one half of the puzzle and the other person fills in the gaps — so it’s a mutual experience.”

Well, that sounds a lot like the building blocks of a great marriage, doesn’t it? When two people love each other, they want to help the other achieve their goals; to be creatively fulfilled. The joy of knowing that you were a small part of that is it’s own beautiful reward.



Venue: Private Home

Catering: @eccowinebar

Photography: @joanna_fisher

Officiant: @eaceremonies

Hair | Makeup: @hartbridalco

Jewelry: @automicgold

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