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Continuo Music

I met Barbara Wyton last spring when we both exhibited at The Southbury Bridal Show at the Heritage Hotel. Recently, we finally made time for a long overdue chat. I learned that Barbara and her husband, Richard, have extensive musical talents and experience. They are both flutists, and their business, Continuo Music, has performed at weddings and events throughout Connecticut and New York for over thirty years.

With a large network of over 50 musicians and Barbara as your main point of contact, she is able to create and arrange the perfect musical solution for your event. When assisting couples with their wedding needs, Barbara excels at helping them understand, not only the benefits of live music but how to select the right pieces for each moment. Depending on the mood, theme or even venue, it’s hard to choose the right musician on your own. From strings to woodwinds, one piece to an entire ensemble, Barbara has the best of advice to fit your needs.

While live musicians can provide your traditional bridal music, Barbara also enjoys when couples want to get creative. She recently created an arrangement of Disney theme songs for a ceremony and is looking forward to a “Great Gatsby” themed wedding with all the music inspired by the jazzy roaring 20s!

I asked Barbara, “Why live music?”

“Ooo.. that’s a good question.” Her face turned dreamy as she began to think about how to encapsulate the feeling of music into words. But that’s just it – live music is about feeling and getting lost in the experience.

She spoke about how adding musicians to your wedding ceremony creates a certain ambiance and helps to personalize the moment. Guests walking into a ceremony space, experience the beautiful notes of the prelude and now are prepared to experience fully what’s to come.

Since people are getting married just about everywhere these days, from churches to garden parks, Barbara described how the music adds magic to any atmosphere. She shared a story of a wedding she played at alongside a pond at the Hammond Museum in North Salem, New York.

As the cellist began playing the prelude, the bull frogs in the pond began to sing as if they were carrying on a conversation with the cello. Guests felt the magic of the moment and it was widely talked about throughout the day!

Whether planning your wedding or any formal event, definitely consider Continuo Music to enhance the moment and raise the quality of the experience for all attending.

Learn more about Continuo Music on their web site at where you can find an extensive list of music to review.

ollow them on Instagram at @continuomusic for all their latest news and contact Barbara Wyton by phone, 203.938.0667, anytime with questions.

All my best with no stress!


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