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Photographer Spotlight: John Munno Weddings

The search for the right #weddingphotographer can be a difficult one. You need to be comfortable and establish a level of trust with this creative individual who will be responsible for documenting one of the biggest days of your life.

One such person who takes his role to heart is John Munno of John Munno Weddings. I met John at the Southbury Bridal Show at the Heritage Hotel. In the last moments of the day, I found myself scurrying about to meet as many other vendors as I could. Talking with John is a calming experience, a quality he feels is vital in his work with bridal couples. “You get to travel with them throughout this day. I don’t take that lightly,” says John about photographing weddings for the past five years.

John describes himself as a “people person" and really enjoys taking care of his clients. He provides them with three consultations leading up to their wedding day and checks in throughout the course of their planning; giving suggestions and answering questions as they plan out everything together. By the time the day arrives, everyone can relax and enjoy knowing that John has it under control.

It’s so interesting to me the way our past lives shape us for our future chapters. For John, working in his homeopathic healing practice for many years, made him perfectly suited to providing compassion to frustrated brides and stressed out couples.

To John, each wedding “becomes an adventure” because they are all a reflection of the couple, which makes them each unique and special. "No two weddings are alike. As the photographer, you really only get one chance to record this day – there are no do overs”. This is something John keeps in mind at every wedding.

John prides himself on being a prolific shooter and clients are constantly amazed how he manages to capture so much. Through the laughter and happy tears, John sees each moment as precious. Whether the priceless expression on a father’s face or the groom’s reaction as his beloved is coming down the aisle, John captures all these “magic moments”, weaving them together to create your wedding day story. To learn more about John Munno and his work, visit online at

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