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Obtaining Your Marriage License in Connecticut

What you need to know about getting your marriage license:

  • In Connecticut, your license needs to be obtained in the town in which the ceremony is being performed, NOT, the town you live in. 

  • Example: You live in Milford but you're getting married in Westport. You must go to Westport town clerk's office to get your license.

  • Get your license no more than 65 days before your wedding day.


  • Call Town Clerk or Registrar of Vital Statistics 
    and ask if they require appointments.

  • Most town clerks have info worksheets they'd like you to fill out before you arrive. Check the town web site to download one.


  • The fee is $50 for the license and $20 for each additional
    certified copy. Ask if you can pre-pay for your copies now.


  • Once the officiant returns the signed license to the town after
    the wedding day, then your certified copies will be created.


  • Photo ID is required and both parties must be present.


  • You may need to provide other documentation
    at the request of the Clerk like:

    • An original birth certificate

    • Divorce decree or death certificate to prove that
      you are not currently married. 

    • Green card or K1 Visa if you are not a US resident.

    • Ask what is needed when you call for your appointment.

Finally, the marriage license must be presented to the officiant BEFORE the ceremony begins. Without a valid license, the ceremony will only be symbolic, some language may need to be changed or omitted and the marriage will not be legal until the license is executed with the officiant. Additional fees may apply.

Newlyweds at The Riverview in Simsbury CT

Stephanie & Hector at The Riverview, Simsbury

Newlyweds at Aria in Prospect CT

Nicole & Newman at Aria, Prospect

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