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Sassy Mama Sweets & Eats

I’ve been chatting with Alexis and Lori for about an hour now when customers start to come in. Tuesday mornings usually offer them a little reprieve from a busy weekend of weddings, birthdays and the other special occasions their gorgeous confections are needed for. But still, right at noon, customers are waiting patiently outside, eager to visit. I sit and listen to Alexis as she walks a customer through the cake selection process. Carefully feeling out what they want from what they need, she takes it all in.

The amazing cupcakes available at Sassy Mama's

After all, the options for creating your dream cake at Sassy Mama’s Sweets & Eats goes as far as your imagination will take you - which means narrowing it down can seem daunting. But Alexis and Lori are patient with all their customers. They just want everyone to be happy. And trust me, you will be. Whether it’s a custom wedding cake or just a cupcake indulgence on an average Tuesday, Sassy Mama’s delivers.

I fully admit, I don’t actually have a huge sweet tooth. I’m usually the kid who’d choose chips over ice cream at a birthday party. Or when given a cupcake, I can be seen lopping off the top, passing the frosting off to someone else just to get to the cake part instead. Besides, it’s so rare to find an instance when the frosting and the cake are both really good. Not so at Sassy Mama’s. After her culinary education at Johnson & Wales, Alexis chose Swiss meringue butter cream as the standard for all her cakes. It’s lighter and more flavorful than other traditional butter creams. That day, I treated myself to a Strawberry Shortcake cupcake and thoroughly enjoyed the fluffy pink cloud topping the soft vanilla cake below. Reminiscent of my favorite childhood ice cream truck treat, the cupcake also features an awesome pink and white crunchy topping, a creation of Lori’s, to make the cupcake perfect!

Still eavesdropping on the customer/baker convos, I hear concerns regarding off limit ingredients. Alexis understands and reassures them; “I’m an allergy kid. I got you.” Having grown up with a severe nut allergy, Alexis completely empathizes with those who share similar struggles. Rest assured, whether you need nut free, gluten free or any other alteration, all will be done in a manner to guarantee no cross-contamination - a tasty and safe experience for all.

Recent winners of Hartford Magazine Readers Poll, Best Wedding Cakes of 2019, it might be hard to believe that Lori and Alexis have only been in business for six years. But their rise to success is due to a unique combination of professional training, family influences and self-taught ingenuity. Years spent in their grandmothers’ kitchens gave them the strong foundation they needed to catapult themselves to the top. Lori built on that background and grew into this business all while being completely self-taught. About her partner, Alexis praises, “Her talents are pretty amazing!” Together, they have proven themselves to be a winning combination.

Offering unique flavors and their own brand of creativity, Sassy Mama’s ensures that your Pinterest board will pale in comparison to the cake you receive for your special day.

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All best my with no stress!


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