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Videographer Spotlights

I spent January getting to know four awesome videographers. Videography is something I’m really passionate about. Each time I got to speak with one of these talented filmmakers, I have to admit – there was a little bit of fangirl squeaking out! I really admire the talent, time and imagination that goes into producing a good wedding film and I guarantee if you follow these 4 individuals, you will see it too!

If I can share any wisdom from these folks I’ve connected with it’s that you’ll never regret getting good quality videography for your wedding day AND there is always someone out there for every budget. So put the videography line item back in the budget. Plan for it. Ask around. Find someone amazing to capture your story. And that way you can relive your day… for EVER AFTER!

Just watch any film by New England Creative and a few of words immediately come to mind. First, “Breathtaking.” Then “Unique.” And then, as you’re now completely pulled in through the duration of the film, finally “Wow.” I imagine that when a prospective couple looks at these films, their thinking to themselves, “Man, I hope our day feels and look as amazing as this film does.”

While only entering his third year as founder and owner of New England Creative, Matt Garza has quickly created a style all his own. About his craft, Matt says he focuses on “story driven, heart-felt love stories, and set out to make films that are just as unique as the couples we work with.”

If you’re looking for something a little different, Matt enjoys working with unique couples who have a sense of adventure. You must watch NEC’s demo reel with a moving voice over provided by officiant Victoria Burdick. Put New England Creative on your list and talk to Matt Garza about creating a truly magical wedding movie.

Max Palmer: MaxMotion

Beautiful, slow sweeping pans, gorgeous lighting, perfectly paired music – these are just a few elements you can expect from the films at MaxMotion and owner, Max Palmer. In talking to Max, I immediately knew we’d hit it off because we both come from a graphic design background in our first life. We also both whole-heartedly share the belief that one of the best days of your life, not only deserves to be captured, but relived again and again.

Max refers to his business as a “boutique wedding films” company because they only work on a small number of weddings every year. This allows them to truly focus on you and your day while handcrafting your story into a wedding film you will treasure.

Max also understands the budget issue. So much so that if he’s not the right fit for you, he’ll send you some referrals for someone who might be. He just wants the best for your wedding, even if that means it’s not him. He believes in finding someone who’s right as opposed to not getting a video at all. Earlier this year, Max contributed to a blog I was wrote on video where he summed it up perfectly regarding his own wedding: “video was not nearly as popular – at the last minute, I paid a video student $300 to film my wedding, and he did so for 6 hours, with a professional-level cam and lav mic. If anyone is on a strict budget, I would say ask around at any of the schools that have media departments; they’ll still get better results than “Uncle Al” standing in the aisle filming on his iPad.”

Get in touch with MaxMotion Video for a wedding film you’ll love.

I’m sharing dinner with the Brian Kuenn (pronounced “kin”) and his wife Leighann and I can already see the how perfect this married duo is. She photographs weddings and he shoots wedding video. For a couple looking for a great pair that works seamlessly together, it’s a win win.

As a videographer, Brian’s work is full of thoughtful story telling as he captures the day beautifully. He’s inspired by his family, his kids and by the fleeting moments of life that take our breath away. In a short film Brian produced, he talks about how important it is to stop and live in this exact moment. But as we know, wedding days can go by so fast, leaving a blur in your memory. With an expertly crafted wedding film, you can relive that moment – be transported back in time, again and again. Contact Brian and Leighann today to get great video and wedding photos checked off your to-do list all at once!

Alyson Grisham: Alyson Films LLC

I recently had the pleasure to speak with Alyson Grisham about her business, Alyson Films LLC. I particularly enjoyed our chat because women in videography is often a little rarer than men. But this seasoned pro and mother of three show us that gender matters not when it comes to creativity and passion for good stories.

Alyson built her skills early on in the corporate world working for places like MTV, Sony, NBC and WWE. Alyson Films, LLC was born in 2009 when it was time to start producing her own work making local commercials, vacation property and real estate videos.

But weddings are where she really shines! They are lovely, thoughtful captures of your day, moment by moment and chapter by chapter. Even before meeting Alyson, I knew we would connect because, in addition to wedding films, she also offers Love Story video interviews – an in depth telling of your story that you can share with your guests at the reception or just keep for yourself as part of your history.

When filming weddings, Alyson is always excited for the unexpected. One of her favorite moments was watching a groom sing a surprise song to his bride at the reception that then gradually turned into a flash mob of the entire room dancing and singing to the bride! Speak with Alyson Grisham today for a wedding or love story film you enjoy for years to come!

No matter who you choose for your videographer, makes sure it's someone who's passionate about story telling and interested in getting to know as a couple. Feeling that personal connection will ensure you get a wedding film you will love!

All my best, with no stress!


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