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Keeping the Kiddos Happy at Your Wedding

Summer is almost here! For me, it’s the official last week of school for my daughter. As a parent, summer can be a welcome change to the school schedule but also bring a challenge on planning activities ensuring the season is fun and enjoyable.

Planning a wedding with kiddo guests can feel the same way. You may have nieces, nephews, cousins or even small children of your own that your day just wouldn’t be complete without. But kids tend to get fidgety when the only activity is sitting at table or dancing. They need a few different things to keep them entertained and out of trouble.

Try these ideas as suggested by an article on

“Kids’ Corner: How to Entertain Your Tiniest Wedding Guests”

  • Set aside a special designated area or table where all the kids can sit together, color, do some crafts or watch a movie.

  • Hire a babysitter to watch over the group, especially if the kid area is in a separate room from the dinner area.

  • Have the “kid food” available! They are not going to eat the steak or fillet of sole so make sure there is mac and cheese, pizza bites, chicken nuggets and maybe some fruit for a little healthy food!

  • Go for the photo booth! These are becoming so popular with guests of every age. All the hats and funky props will keep kids laughing and entertained for awhile.

  • For older kids, try a video game area or rent a video game truck! I bet you’d even catch some of the adults hanging out in there!

Read the entire article here:

You may also want to consider creating an adults only event. While it’s thoughtful of you to want to include the children of your friend’s and family, parents also like a night out from time to time. Don’t be afraid to communicate with your guests beforehand and see how they feel about it. You might be surprised that many may be be looking forward to a fancy evening, sans kids.

Either way, being prepared with activities for all ages, ensures a great time for all!

Wishing you all the best with no stress!


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