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Coolest Ring Box Ever!

Browsing on Etsy for Christmas presents, I came across this amazing ring box that was so perfect I had to share it. Woodsbury is small company out of Australia that was started in 2015 by two designers. They wanted to "help reinvent the timeless tradition of proposing" by bringing a fresh look to the traditional ring box design.

As you can see from the picture and the video on their site, this thin box is made of hand carved wood and contains a ring holder that rotates as the boxes opens, perfectly displaying the ring. Imagine the affect this must have as it's being presented to the love of your life! (I just got chills!)

I love this for so many reasons. One, because it's a classic example of a solution that is so simple, beautiful and smart, we wonder why it took someone so long to think of it and bring it to the world. As a designer, I can definitely appreciate this.

Second, because it's so thin, the box is easy to conceal taking out some of the stress of the planning and the moment of surprise. I can't tell you how many times I've heard grooms complain about the giant ring box and where to stash this thing on their person so it won't be noticeable and should they put the ring loose in their pocket, isn't that scary, what if there's a hole in the pocket and it falls out and these things are expensive!!! (pheww... See?! Stressful, I hear ya!)

These genius boxes solve all that and they can be beautifully engraved with names and dates as well. Woodsbury also makes flat boxes for the wedding bands, making the job of the holder of these rings during the ceremony much easier.

The simple boxes start at 62.00 AUD, about is $44 US – which is a really reasonable expense for the magic you'll create during the moment of "Will you marry me?" Just remember to read their guidelines about International shipping and plan your timeline accordingly!

You can watch my FB live recap from 12/11 to hear more about Woodsbury. In it, I'm also chatting about some great movies I did recently but you can fast forward to minute 3:40 to get right to this part.

All my best, with no stress!


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