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Be Yourself & Be Happy

This is something I really need to say to all brides out there. From my heart to yours, please, on your wedding day, BE YOURSELF and BE IN THE MOMENT!

It’s a common theme when I talk to brides and friends who are wedding planning - the desire to please everyone and for everything to be perfect.

And not only be perfect now, but in the future too! You want the pictures to serve as lasting monuments to all the great decisions and details used to create this perfect day. So there’s no way you can wear that amazing dress you saw with a splash of color, instead of pure white because if you do, that trend will be over in 10 years and trapped in your pictures forever and how embarrassing would that be!?! (and breathe.)

Or you could just be yourself, get the dress of your dreams, have a great time and don’t worry about it.

“But, my mom will want me to wear white!”

“But, my grandmother will be there!”

“But, what if no one likes it!?”

They will get over it! What you won’t get over is not looking and feeling exactly how you want to look and feel in that moment.

As a child, if you daydreamed about your wedding, you probably just thought about a dress, the mystery person at the end of the aisle, maybe some music or a cake.

You kept it simple. As adults, we tend to complicate the heck out of everything.

This is mostly due to the fact that as a kid, we have way more confidence in ourselves and we don't care what others think about us.

As an adult, everyone has a opinion, we listen to them all and we let them overload our brains. But in the end, the only opinion that really matters is your own. Now as I said in last week’s article “It’s Your Wedding”, this doesn’t mean you have to be a bridezilla or inconsiderate to others. It’s all about balance. Try to please everyone? You’ve lost yourself in the process. Scream ‘it’s my way or the highway’ and you’ll alienate everyone.

So what got me all fired up this week? I was inspired by a friend and fellow business owner, Angel Johnstone, a confidence coach of Confidence is Catchy. We got to chatting about special occasions from the past and how we all have pictures of ourselves in some pretty interesting outfits; perhaps some cringe-worthy photos that we wouldn’t want shared. But the funny thing is, at the time you were wearing that outfit - you most likely loved it! It was a different time and you were a different person so why are you trashing yourself about it now?! It’s all just a part of your WHOLE story. You can’t imagine what likes, dislikes and fashion choices you’ll have 20 years from now, so why try?!

Just choose for today! If it makes you happy, it’s the right choice.

As someone who’s passionate about growing the confidence in others, Angel’s take on your wedding day is simple: “The focus of a wedding should be how you feel before, during and after. Slow down. Take it all in. It isn’t about the perfect canned shot but the beautiful moments that happen in between. If it doesn’t feel like love, light or laughter, it probably isn’t going to matter 20 years from now.”

So close your eyes. Imagine how you want to feel. Now in your mind’s eye, look in the mirror. Are you wearing the purple dress with the black lace trim? Are you smiling? Do you feel amazing in it?

Pick that one.

All best my with no stress!


To learn more about Angel Johnstone, her confidence workshops and what the #MyConfidenceChallenge is all about, like and follow her on facebook:

You can find more amazing non-traditional wedding dresses on my Pinterest board, "Offbeat Wedding"

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