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DIY Weddings

As we decorated for the holidays this weekend, we combed through the storage boxes, reminiscing of holiday craft projects of the past. This got me thinking about the crafts, projects and do-it-yourself tasks we take on while wedding planning.

My inspiration to get involved in craft projects come and go so there are definitely times when I'm more into it than others. But with wedding crafts I thought about the difference between creating your own wedding decor just because you love to create vs. making your own items to save on your budget.

On this week's FB live recap, I did some research online and shared a bunch of easy DIY items that won't stress you out. We also discuss which items on the wedding to-do list are probably better off left to a professional. DIY programs, favors or signage is probably a much safer bet than DIY photography! Just my two cents. (Skip to min 2:45, unless you want to see the tour of my holiday decor in my house - I had to prove that there's no humbug here from last week's post: Pre-Holiday Rant)

Here are a few samples from the articles I found online and that I mentioned in the LIVE. (I love the copy in this sign below!) I am also starting a DIY wedding board on Pinterest so feel free to follow me there and share your own as well!

All my best with no stress! -Kathy

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